Caselaw – Samples and the Charged Suspect

Getting on for almost 60 years after the landmark case of Chalmers v HM Advocate, the Scottish Courts continue to maintain the special status of the “charged suspect.”  In HM Advocate v Logan [2011] HCJAC 111, the Crown appealed against a Sheriff’s ruling that the taking of DNA mouthswabs from a charged suspect was inadmissible.  The Read more about Caselaw – Samples and the Charged Suspect[…]

Son of Cadder – It Won’t End Here!

It was not so long ago that we had one of those big stooshies.  Some bloke in Turkey had got himself verballed by the polis and then some judges in Strasbourg said that’s no fair.  Then seven Scottish judges said, well Turkey’s not Scotland.  We’ve got corroboration and that.  If the police are going to Read more about Son of Cadder – It Won’t End Here![…]